Clever Technology - without the fuss...

Clever Technology - without the fuss...

At NeonHorizon we strive to make your website viewable by the largest audience possible giving you and your company the best chance of success.

Making Websites for Everyone

Have you ever come across websites that say crazy things like "You must have Internet Explorer to view this website" or "This website works best in 1024x768"? There is no need for this and it is either because the sites designers have paid little attention to making sure the website is viewable on all systems or they have used an off the shelf website design package which is more often than not optimized for a specific browser.

At NeonHorizon because we create all of our websites by hand we can stick to good quality code which is known to have the greatest chance of being compatible with the highest number of computers. Combining this with extensive testing on all the major browsers and computer platforms means you can be safe in the knowledge that sites designed by us will give you the best chance of reaching the widest audience.

Avoiding Problem Plugins

At NeonHorizon we deliberately keep the clever technology back on our servers so your customers don't have to install special plugins to view the website. Not only does this make everyones lives easier but it also makes your websites fast and efficient.

Basically website technologies fall into two main categories:

  • Plugins and applets which run on your customers' computers and have to be downloaded and installed such as Flash or Java.
  • Back end systems which run on our web servers and are maintained by us.

Whenever possible we always use the second option. This means all your customer will require to view your website is a standard, normal web browser; be it on a Windows PC, Mac, Linux/Unix box or even portable equipment such as PDA's and Playstations, viewing your site quickly and smoothly will not be a problem.

If you wish to find out more about our technologies and systems please do not hesitate to contact us...

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